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Mark Longacre Construction, Inc. is a general contracting business that specializes in hands-on, detail oriented remodeling. We work with our clients to build what they need, want, and can afford.


Our capabilities and experience are diverse, from installing custom cabinetry and finish trim to rehabilitating and repurposing historic buildings. Whether the job is a major kitchen remodel or a simple screened porch, we pride ourselves on fine detailing, complementing existing architecture, and energy-efficient construction.


Mark Longacre, president of Mark Longacre Construction, Inc., has more than 25 years experience as a builder and remodeler in and around Bloomington, Indiana. 



Remodeling is as much about solving problems as it is about bringing a vision to life. Careful detective work is often required to parse out the pieces of a given puzzle. A creative, nimble, and seasoned general contractor is invaluable in guiding any project to successful completion. We work with a trusted group of local tradespersons as subcontractors, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and combining our collective experience to generate the best possible solutions for our clients.


We make a point of accommodating our clients’ lifestyles in an effort to minimize disruption—for example, we will shape our schedule as closely as possible to theirs, keep their homes clean and dust-free, their children and pets safe, and do our best to bring their projects to completion on time and on budget. We treat each job, large or small, as an opportunity to make a positive difference in our clients’ lives.